About Our Platforms

With a specific interest in uplifting our minority-owned, family-owned, and diverse entrepreneurial communities, our platforms are built to engage, educate, and support. Our platforms break down impediments that have inhibited access to economic, socioeconomic, technological, and educational growth opportunities for our diverse business owners and future entrepreneurs. These platforms function as a vehicle for Genesis Bank, our partners, and our members to connect with unique resources, the regional business community, and each other. Through our educational partnerships, the Genesis Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship offers digitally accessible, on-demand business and entrepreneurship curriculum at no cost to our constituents. Accessibility, connectivity, and sustainability are at the core of everything we do.


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Financial Literacy App

The Genesis Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship has partnered with Zogo, a gamified mobile app, to offer you 800+ lessons on topics that matter most in your financial journey. Work your way through bite-sized modules on a variety of finance topics, from opening a bank account to protecting your investments, including information about special offerings from Genesis Bank! For each module completed, earn points in the form of virtual pineapples that you can redeem for gift cards at your favorite vendors like Starbucks, Target, Amazon and more. Scan the QR code to download the GBIE’s financial education app or head to the app store, download Zogo, and then enter the access code “GBIE” today! Happy learning!

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The Genesis Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship Certificate in Entrepreneurship is offered in partnership with Santa Ana College, School of Continuing Education. The Certificate covers core principles in understanding how to start a small business, competency in key business, accounting, and banking terminology, comprehension in Quickbooks, and channeling your inner leader in Leadership 101!

All classes within the certificate are non-credit and 100% tuition-free to adults living in California. Classes are offered online or in-person at locations in and around Santa Ana, California.

Ready to take your business knowledge to the next level? Enroll in the GBIE Certificate in Entrepreneurship today!

Complimentary Business Training

Beginning a business venture comes with many questions. Our online education platform has answers. Here, up-and-coming entrepreneurs can explore key topics for each stage of their business’s growth:

  • Starting & Launching Your Business
  • Running & Growing Your Business
  • Exiting & Selling Your Business

Become a member and head to the Business Resources tab to learn more!

Operation Access

As one of only two diverse, multiracial Minority Depository Institutions in the entire country, Genesis Bank is committed to breaking down barriers that inhibit socioeconomic, technological, and educational advancement of our low- to moderate-income communities. Genesis Bank has partnered with Excess Telecom on the distribution of free internet and low-cost tablets to break down the digital divide. As a part of Genesis Bank’s commitment to DEI and community, this program operates as a vehicle to promote economic and intellectual growth and support social good in our minority communities.

Scan here to see if you qualify for free internet and a low-cost tablet.

Events & Workshops

The Powerhouse Series

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Prepping to Meet With a Banker

Join us at our inaugural GBIE Workshop! We’ll be discussing how to analyze your business financials in preparation to meet with a banker. Let’s get you ready to receive funding!

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